Ways to donate ~ Call (636) 391-8560



We distribute the Word of God to people in prisons and to residents in our aftercare programs. We prefer NIV and NAS translations, but others are fine, too. 

Consider putting a box in your church or office lobby where people can drop off these precious resources.

Financial contributions


100% of cash, check, or card donations goes to our ministry. If you would like more information, please contact us (636) 391-8560.

If you’re ready to donate now, you can:

  • Send cash or checks to Mission Gate Ministry, PO Box 6644, Chesterfield, MO, 63006
  • Donate online right now

Vans, trucks, buses


Our more than 100 residents have many transportation needs: rides to jobs, church, legal appointments, and more. We couldn’t meet these needs without donated vehicles.

If you have a vehicle to donate, please ensure that it has passed state inspection. Vehicle donations are 100% tax deductible.

Lawn care equipment


We strive for our multiple properties to be the best-cared-for places in their neighborhoods. We want others to see us being good stewards of God’s gifts to us. 

Residents participate in lawn care and will put your donation of working yard-care equipment to good use.



 Our residents need computers for education and training and to keep track of finances. We can use any computer system from Pentium up, and we also love to receive Christian software. 

Musical instruments


Our residents come with various talents and one is enjoying music  If you have any of the following that you could donate, we would love to have them: guitars, small pianos, or key boards.  .