Mission Gate's trademark includes this verse from John 10:9: "I am the gate."

Letter from Rick Mathes, Executive Director

Crime and addiction run rampant today 

An epidemic of violence, unprecedented in all our history, is eroding the very fabric of our Constitution and defacing the image in which we were created. Fortunately we have found a solution for many of us: Extend the love of Christ to those who are reaching out to Him. 

Become part of the solution for evil, crime, addiction, and broken families

Mission Gate volunteers have been combing the jail-houses and prisons in Missouri since 1985 to find souls who genuinely want to turn their lives around and become productive citizens. Tens of thousands of these men and women have received the love of Christ, and thousands have been restored through His salvation. You can almost hear the angels rejoicing and see the smile on our Lord's face.

At Mission Gate, we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, comfort the sick, and visit those in prison. This is what Jesus would be doing if He physically walked this earth once more. He lives through those who confess Him Savior and Lord, people like you and me. I want you to experience the joy of leading an inmate to Christ and to sit in a Bible study with women who are working to restore their families. 

Evil, crime, and addiction will be with us until Jesus comes again. But with your help we can offer freedom to God’s children held captive by incarceration or addiction. Many of us would be in the same place but for the grace of God.


Test the waters, then step into a volunteer position

Praise the Lord that He has called you to look into our ministry. Put up your spiritual antennae and ask the Lord for direction. Pray, "Father God, by your grace I have been saved. Lord Jesus, by your stripes I have been healed. Holy Spirit, you know the mind of the Father and the heart of the Son. What do you want me to do?"

| guarantee if you pray this fervently and often, He will answer you.