About Mission Gate Ministry

Mission Gate is a residential program for men and women coming from  prison or rehabilitation.

This is where crime and addiction stop.

Mission Gate is a residential program for men and women fresh out of prison or rehabilitation. We provide clean and safe housing, along with initial food supply, clothing, identification, hygiene items, and bedding.

Upon arrival, a full schedule of life-preparation begins. Every year more than 300 men, women, and families transition from the dark shadow of prison or addiction to a brand-new life through Mission Gate.

With Jesus Christ, we regenerate, rehabilitate, and reintegrate ex-offenders and recovering addicts.

A firm foundation supports our programs and methods.

Mission Statement

To regenerate, rehabilitate, and reintegrate ex-offenders, recovering addicts, and their families through Jesus Christ.

Our goal

We equip our residents to become self-sufficient and independent within a minimum of nine months. They go from incarceration or addiction into new lives with a strong foundation in Jesus Christ and connected with Christian resources and their local communities.

A  life-changing walk with Jesus Christ is the only cure for ongoing cycles of prison and addiction.

We know the real cure for crime and addiction.

 “I have observed that a  life-changing walk with Jesus Christ is the only cure for repeated cycles of crime/prison/addiction," says Trish Mathes, co-founder of Mission Gate Ministry. Mission Gate put this belief to work in 1985, launching a residential ministry for men and women leaving prison or rehabilitation centers.

Today, individuals apply to Mission Gate while still in prison or recovering from addiction. Those who are accepted often arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs and with everything to gain. 

Contact Mission Gate to see how your church can get involved in this life-saving Christian ministry.

Involve your church with our ministry

Some ways for churches to get involved:

  • Invite us to your church to present testimonies and share about Mission Gate.
  • Invite our men or women in the program to do community service work at your church.
  • Help Mission Gate with community projects and also fellowship with our residents.
  • Send representatives to one of our home Bible studies, worship services, or dinners. 
  • Ask some of our stronger clients to minister to your youth group.
  • Collect supplies for Mission Gate:

  1. Food
  2. Seasonal clothing
  3. Toilet paper, paper towels, and kitchen trash bags
  4. Appliances of all kinds
  5. Cleaning supplies and equipment