Christmas Angel Mission


Volunteer for the Christmas Angel Mission

The children of prison inmates, ex-offenders, and people struggling with addiction often miss not only a parent at Christmas, but also Christmas gifts.  

Our Christmas Angel Mission ministers to these children by hosting Christmas parties and providing gifts for the children. 

We could not operate this special ministry for children without our volunteers from churches, businesses, and individual families.

How your church can participate



You can set up a tree in your church and invite everyone's participation. 

Choose Option A or Option B

Option A

  1. Choose a coordinator for your church.
  2. We will send you paper angels that have only the age and gender of a child.
  3. Set up and decorate your tree or display table.
  4. Members take an angel, buy a gift, then put the gift under the tree.
  5. Either your Sunday School or youth group throws a gift-wrapping event, or each gift-giver wraps their gift and security attaches the paper angel.
  6. Your church delivers the wrapped gifts to the party location the day of the Christmas Angel party. If that's not possible, they can deliver them ahead of time; call (636) 391-8560 for instructions.

Option B

  1. Contact us and we'll send paper angels to hang on your church's Christmas tree or display table. Each angel has a child's age, gender, and name, plus contact information for the child's guardian.
  2. Set up and decorate your tree or display table.
  3. Invite each church member to choose an angel. The member then calls the guardian, listed on the angel,  for gift suggestions for the child.
  4. Members purchase the gifts and deliver them directly to the child’s home after calling ahead.

How stores can participate



Retail stores can set up a Christmas tree in a visible spot.

  1. Contact us and we will send paper angels for decorations.
  2. Each angel has the age, gender, and name of a child, plus contact information for the child's guardian. 
  3. Your shoppers or clients buy a gift from your store (employees in your business office bring in a gift) and place it under the tree.
  4. You deliver the wrapped gifts to our distribution center the day before the party.

How your family can participate



We match your family with a family in need.

Option A

  1. You shop for gifts that fit within your family budget.
  2. You deliver the gifts to the families and share the Gospel message during the visit.
  3. You can also bring extras with you on your visit: Christmas trees, decorations, or a dinner for the family. 

Option B

  1. Have each of your children buy a gift they would like to receive and bring it to one of our Christmas parties to give away.
  2. You and your children can participate by helping at the Christmas Angel party.


Mission Gate's Christmas Angel Mission 

is not affiliated with

The Salvation Army's Tree of Lights or 

Prison Fellowship Ministry's Angel Tree Program