This page is for you if: 

  • You’re in a prison or rehabilitation facility right now, and you want help adjusting to life on the outside
  • You're a parent, sibling, or friend who wants someone to succeed after their release
  • You're a counselor, case worker, parole officer, or other professional who would like to see someone have the best chance possible for building a new life

Follow the directions below to complete and submit an application.

1. Download the documents at the bottom of this page.

2. Fill out each document completely and accurately to avoid a delay in the admission process. Be sure to include:

  • Previous arrests and convictions, including misdemeanors
  • All conduct violations while incarcerated or in treatment
  • A verified staff signature confirming that your criminal history is complete and accurate
  • A signed Authorization for Missouri Department of Corrections and Division of Probation and Parole to release information to Mission Gate

3. Carefully check each completed document:

  • Did you answer every question honestly?
  • Did an official at your facility review the application for accuracy?
  • Did you include all pages and sections?
  • Contact all your references so they’re ready for a call from Mission Gate?

4. Mail your completed application to Mission Gate at the address on the form.

5. Next steps: Mission Gate staff review most applications within two to three weeks. You can check with us if you haven’t heard by then.If your application is being considered, you’ll receive a letter requesting a phone interview with Mission Gate staff. Mail your letter of acceptance or denial of the interview to Mission Gate in writing.Mission Gate will arrange a date and time for your phone interview.You’ll receive a final decision from Mission Gate within two weeks after your interview. If you do not qualify for acceptance, Mission Gate will provide you with suggestions for other placement opportunities. 

Residents work hard for graduation from Mission Gate, and we love to celebrate with them.

Residents work hard for graduation from Mission Gate, and we love to celebrate with them.

Men's Application (pdf)


Men's Guidelines (pdf)


Men's Personal Reference (pdf)