Messages from Staff and Board Members

Rick Mathes, Executive Director

"Since the first day of our ministry, each day is the best day! We see so many lives changed, families restored, and children lifting holy hands to King Jesus! I wish you could for only a moment experience the joy, love, and blessings I receive when I reach back to those reaching out. To God be the glory and honor!" 

(314) 602-0117

Trish Mathes, Aftercare Director, Director of Guidance and Counseling

“The joy I felt when ministering in prisons and jails over 30 years ago continues to this day. I looked into eyes that at first held no hope, then began to fill with beauty and grace as inmates trusted in the Lord and His salvation message. How wonderful to know that God’s light never goes out.”

(314) 800-7664



Senator Jim Talent

 “I’ve been with Mission Gate since the beginning, serving as corporate lawyer for seven years and as a Board member today. I oversee current activities and future plans, and I’m thrilled to see God’s power at work. Our great task now is to be humble, prayerful, faithful, and attentive to give Him the glory.” 

Laura Kresyman, Program Director, Hannah’s Ranch

“Seeing the children of our residents so happy because they have their mothers back again makes my heart smile. I know it makes God's heart smile too.” 

(314) 599-1505


Bob Arb, Chairman, Advisory Board

“I feel privileged to serve on Mission Gate's Board of Directors because I get to see firsthand how the ministry is changing lives and reuniting families. Mission Gate's volunteers and staff demonstrate Jesus' love on a daily basis to the prisoners, ex-offenders, and families that it serves. 

(636) 225-6500

Denise Knox, Program Director, Promises of Hope Ranch

“Almost 20 years ago, the Lord gave me a vision of a Christ-based home for the broken and hurting, so Promises of Hope is a dream come true. Watching these women begin to understand that God Almighty loves them, then watching them turn from crime to Christ is a privilege beyond words!”

(636) 662-2537