Men's facilities

Guest homes in the city


Mission Gate has four large homes in South St. Louis that, together, house 45 residents. 

The newest facility, Daniel's House, was donated by Kevin and Amy O'Brien, owners of Agape Construction Co., Inc. The O'Brien's son Daniel died of a fatal mix of drugs and alcohol in 2019. Today, Daniel's House will be home to men at risk, men who are just out of prison and looking to Christ for a brand new life.

The homes are thoughtfully furnished and well cared for. Private rooms and apartments include beds, bedding, towels, and other necessities. Residents share kitchen space, living rooms, and sometimes bathrooms.

"For nothing is impossible with God."

A ranch in the country


Beautifully wooded Fort Good Shepherd Ranch houses up to 60 men. 

Located along the Meramec River, the ranch spreads over 125 acres in Crawford County, Missouri. 

Up to 60 men live here, growing in Christ through Bible classes, community responsibilities, Life Skills classes, counseling, and more.

When these men come to Mission Gate, they put what they've learned in recovery  to work. All residents participate in ongoing learning, working, and serving others.

Bunkhouses on the ranch


Three bunkhouses on Fort Good Shepherd Ranch property house new residents.

1. A bunkhouse plus a cabin perch on a high hill and offer a stunning view of forest, river, and meadow. Horses, dogs, and cats, cared for by the residents, roam the property.

2. A second bunkhouse nestles in the woods, again in a beautiful location amidst towering oaks, maples, and elm trees.

3. The third bunkhouse is a historic building that has been beautifully remodeled. Residents here enjoy yet another majestic view.

Cabins on the river


After two-to-three months, men move from the bunkhouses to cabins along the Meramec River. 

This almost resort-like setting offers more privacy, with one person per cabin. Two residents share bathroom facilities in some cabins but have their own living space and bedroom. 

A sense of safety


We often hear, "When I'm walking home at night, and I see lights glowing in the windows where I live, I feel safe already."

Our residents are sensing not only safety, but also the presence of the Lord in the place they call home.

Starting a new life


For many residents, living in a clean, attractive room or cabin is the first experience of privacy they’ve ever had. 

The beauty of the Lord surrounds them, and the men become comfortable with themselves, their new lives, and their position in Christ as His beloved sons.