A place to call home



Warm, welcoming homes

We all long for a place called “home.” Mission Gate’s main facilities are just that—warm and welcoming homes for men and women coming out of prison, jail, or addiction. 

Well-furnished living spaces

Our residents are often surprised and always pleased to move into their own clean, attractively decorated living spaces. We want broken, hurting people to know that they are valuable to us and valued by God as His beloved children. 

Men's facilities



Men’s residences in two locations:

  1. Four guest houses for in St. Louis, MO, with living spaces for 36 men
  2. Fort Good Shepherd Ranch in Cuba, MO

  • Three beautiful rustic and well-furnished bunkhouses with comfortable living acco
  • Scenic cabins along the river


Over the years, many individuals who share our vision have donated time and monetary gifts to support our ongoing and ever-expanding work. If you would like to be part of “turning lives from crime to Christ,” please see how you can get involved.

Women's facilities



Women’s residences in two rural areas:

· Hannah’s Ranch in Cuba, Missouri

  1. Large, beautifully remodeled home 
  2. Scenic property with a picturesque lake
  3. Angels Landing on Hannah’s Ranch
  4. Large, recently constructed home 
  5. Promises of Hope Ranch in Troy, Missouri
  6. Breathtakingly beautiful home surrounded by beautiful woods and wildlife