Most Needed

Partners in Freedom!

”Most Wanted” List


1. Bibles and Commentaries
We need all the Bibles and Christian commentaries we can get for those in prison and for those that come out and join us in our aftercare program. Any translation will do but we prefer NIV and NAS because most of our classes uses them. And you would be surprised at how much of the Word they know! That is why we need the commentaries because they have had the baby food for years and now they are ready for meat. We prefer fundamental teachings that we all believe in and we leave the denominational distinctives to the pastors in the churches they choose to join. Put a box in the lobby of your church and ask your fellowship to bring those in that they are no longer using for our use.

2. Vans, Trucks, and Busses
With upwards of 100 residents from both our St. Louis City outreach and the Fort Good Shepherd Ranch, we need transportation to take them to work, shopping and to church. We also need them to pick up and deliver donations from various churches and Christians that help us with our ongoing needs. We can only accept those vehicles that can pass a state inspection because we have no location to repair them and we don’t have a budget that could afford repairs. Your donation is 100% tax deductible because we use them in our ministry.

3. Canned and Packaged Food
None of the residents that come to us from treatment centers or jail have anything except change in their pockets. So we need to keep them supplied with food to get them going. Also, those who have had a conviction for drugs are not eligible for food stamps and sometimes their new employer holds back two weeks of earnings so they have no money to buy food. We need food that is imperishable which would include canned and packaged meats and meals on an ongoing basis. You could have a food drive at your church and I’m sure your fellowship would be blessed to participate.

4. Lawn Care Equipment
We own and manage 9 residential buildings in St. Louis and have a capacity of 50 residents in cabins at our ranch in Cuba MO. We want our properties to be the best in the neighborhood to demonstrate that Christians care for all that the Lord has blessed them with. And our ranch has 100 acres that need to be maintained. All the residents donate 2 hours per week doing chores but they need good working equipment to accomplish this ongoing need to maintain the lawns.

5. All Musical Instruments
Since God inhabits His praises, we sing a lot at the Mission Gate and sometimes we sing so out of key that we all start laughing and have to start all over again! Musical instruments and those that are skilled in playing them, would at least give us a key to aim for. These would include: guitars, pianos, drums as well as the sound equipment necessary to reach a large area. We especially enjoy outdoor worship services and the floaters on the Meramec River often stop and take pictures of us and join us in worship.

6. Computers and Christian Software
I remember wondering, “Why would anyone want a computer?” Well, nowdays they are a necessity personally and at work. So we need working computers so that we can give them to the residents and teach them how you use them. We really get excited when you contribute Christian software so that we can use the computers to study the Word and assist us in doing classes. Anything pentium and up will due and we would be most grateful if you include Christian software.

7. Ranch Supplies and Equipment
Our 100 acres ranch includes 50 residents, 10 horses, 2 donkeys, 1 pony, 1 miniature horse, 3 colts, 6 dogs, 2 goats and the dogs ate the chickens. So you can imagine how much evidence there is of them being where they were! Need I say more? They are all adopted by the residents and cared for as part of our family. So we need to feed, clean, groom and shelter the animals and all that takes supplies and equipment. We would be blessed if you would visit our ranch and see for yourselves how much an influence our animal buddies are on our residents! It gives them a best friend while they are here and teaches them to open up their feelings and to care for another instead of being self-centered.

8. New Arrival Start-up Kits
We call them “stray puppy dogs” when they get here because that’s what they look like. Nervous, penniless, lost, broken and confused about what they will face in our Aftercare Program. All of our disciples are trained to help the “new guy” as they had been helped. But this takes supplies that most of us take for granted.

A typical start-up kit would include:
Washcloth & Towels
Toothbrush and Paste
Soap & Hair Treatment
Shaving Gear
Hand Cremes & Lotions
Writing Paper & Pen
Stamps for Letters
$50 in Cash
Fast Food Certificates
Gift Certificates
Entertainment Tickets
Bus Passes

9. Gifts for the Christmas Angel Mission
We have been blessing the children of Christian prisoners for 20 years now and it has grown to exceed 3,000 kids. One party alone draws 1,000 children that receive gifts, the Gospel and church referrals. You can further explore how your church can get involved by going to the Christmas Angel tab on this web site. But just a passing note, we really encourage you to attend at least one party and see these precious little souls give their hearts to Jesus for His birthday present. There isn’t a dry eye in the place and I’m sure the Lord Himself shed a tear of joy as we “make His day.”

10. Groups for Small Work Projects
Mission Gate is a local ministry that is blessing the local community. This means a lot to those who donate time and money to our ministry because they can be assured it doesn’t leave the neighborhood. That means that there are many local mission projects available through us. We have 9 residential buildings in St. Louis and a whole ranch in Cuba MO to fix up, clean up, and paint up. There is always a great mission project for your youth group, men’s club or church mission committee to consider doing to help us help you have a safer community to live in. We have found that if our property is top shelf, the residents are proud of it and keep it that way. It also demonstrates to the neighbors that Christians care.

A popular outing is to go to our ranch and camp out Friday night down by the river and then start the next day with an outdoor cowboy breakfast. Then comes a 3 hour work project that works up an appetite for lunch. Now it’s fun time! We have horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, swimming, or exploring our scary cave. Not to mention playing with the ponies, donkeys, dogs or goats. All our horses have been carefully chosen and trained to be children friendly especially our Clydesdale “Max” and his wagonette. Too much fun to describe so we invite you to visit our Fort Good Shepherd Ranch and see for yourself how the Lord is turning lives from crime to Christ!

Thy will be done!