Hannah’s Ranch
Women’s & Children’s Home

Provides a safe affordable Christ-centered home for women and their children in life challenging situations including those transitioning from a shelter, rehab, jail or any unhealthy environment or lifestyle. More than just a place to live - a substance-free environment with the structure, tools, and spiritual guidance women need to become sufficiently independent, loving parents. Good parenting is a teachable skill. When mothers learn healthy parenting and receive personal healing through Christ, families are changed.
Hannah’s Ranch is for women who are sincerely ready to allow God to change their life through a whole-person approach - Spiritual, physical, emotional, financial and vocational. We provide structure and accountability with house guidelines including regularly attending a church of their choice and tools for replacing former habits with positive life style changes.
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Home Office: 636-391-8560 Fax: 636-391-6611