Guest House Handbook

Step through the Gate!

The Guest House is a residential ministry of Mission Gate. It functions to assist ex-inmates to reintegrate into the local community as strong and productive Christians.

Short-term Objectives
Short term goals are to provide one or two years of housing (contingent upon quarterly review) for Christian fellowship and growth, and to assist residents with gainful vocational training and employment.

Long-range Objectives
Long range goals are to reintegrate ex-inmates into the community and to introduce them to a local Bible teaching church. To assist in their spiritual and financial development, Mission Gate requires residents to maintain a steady job, to manage personal finances in a practical manner, and to participate in Mission Gate activities. Contingent upon quarterly reviews by the Guest House Committee residents are eligible to leave the Guest House within one year. A second year of discipleship training is available to those called and selected to the local mission field of prisons, jails and rehab centers.

Admission Requirements
Applicants seeking admission must submit a written application form to the Guest House Committee and be recommended by a Mission Gate volunteer, area ministry leader, case worker, institutional activity coordinator, or Chaplain. All information received is kept confidential unless otherwise requested for release by the applicant.

The Guest House Committee will make a preliminary decision whether to accept the applicant as a probationary candidate on the basis of the application and recommendation of the referring party. Upon release from the institution, the probationary candidate may stay at the Guest House until a decision is reached by the Guest House Committee

Residency at the Mission Gate Guest House must commence within one week after final approval and acceptance by the Guest House Committee. Persons approved must begin residency within 12 hours of approval. If the candidate^s entry date is changed or if residency is not completed within one week of approval, the approval will become null and void. An applicant must then re-apply.

Resident Responsibilities
The resident shall be responsible to uphold the standards set forth in the Guest House Rules and Guest House Handbook. He/she must participate in its operation and under its authorized supervision. If you live in our house, you live by our rules or find somewhere else to live. It’s that simple. The Supervisors word is final and there is no appeal process.


  1. It is expected that you will be employed within two weeks of admission.
  2. It is expected that you will provide Mission Gate $65 per week as a maintenance fee.
  3. It is expected that you will reimberse Mission Gate for anything that you damage.
  4. You must estabilish a savings account in a local bank and deposit $25 per week from the second quarter on. Proof of this commitment will be required. These monies will be made available to you when you vacate the Guest House after deducting an expense for any damages you may have caused.
  5. You must keep your personal expenses within your financial means. We will guide you in sound financial mangement.

Guest House Regulations

  1. You must participate in the daily chores as scheduled by the Resident Assistant and/or Supervisor.
  2. You must attend in-house meetings as requested by supervision.
  3. You must observe the 11PM curfew without exception.
  4. No Guests under any circumstances.


  1. You will be encouraged to develop a personal devotional time and Sunday worship experience at the church of your choice.
  2. You will participate in mandatory support group meetings.
  3. You will participate in mid-week Bible studies.
  4. You will be required to attend Christian counseling sessions.

Code of Conduct

  1. Refrain from using or possessing alcohol or drugs in any form.
  2. Refrain from fighting or any disruptive behavior.
  3. Refrain from cursing or any abusive language.
  4. Refrain from stealing or borrowing items.
  5. Refrain from possessing guns, knives, or other weapons.

Violation of rules results in immediate expulsion without appeal!