Man can take man out of prison but
only Christ can take the prison out of the man!
The Aftercare Program is available to ex-inmates for one or more years after their release from incarceration. The ministry owns and operates five guest homes to provide safe housing for ex-inmates wanting to change their lifestyle. Each unit is managed by an in-house supervisor or resident assistant. The in-house supervisor is a respected Christian leader who has been free from drugs and alcohol for three years. He/she assists in the spiritual day-to-day guidance of the residents. A resident assistant is a graduate of the one-year program and has remained drug and alcohol free. His/her responsibility is to report any rules infractions to the Guest House Committee. The Guest House Committee is a team that oversees the day-to-day activities of all the Guest Homes.

Program goals and objectives are individualized to meet residents’ personal needs. They take into consideration each person’s strengths, weaknesses, problems and needs. Networking with other services, agencies, resources and ministers is an important part of our organization’s activities to accomplish established goals. Reporting to Probation and Parole and/or Division of Family Services is a routine part of Mission Gate’s task to maximize its ministry for the resident, local community, and society in general.

The Mission Gate Guest House Program is an intensely personal effort of at least 9 months to disciple ex-offenders and others to live productive, Christian lives and be a blessing to their church and community.
The houses and cabins are closely monitored with resident supervisors and senior residents whose job it is to enforce the rules and restore lost souls to the throne of grace. This is a day-to-day effort that is overseen by the Aftercare Committee and coordinated with the ex-offender’s family and pastor.

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The program includes:
  • Celebrate Recovery 12 Step Recovery
  • Recovery Mentoring
  • Christian Pre-Marital Classes
  • Christian Parenting Classes
  • Adult Bible Studies
  • Experiencing God Classes
  • Vocational Skill classes
  • Spiritual Life Skills
  • Computer Vocational Training
  • Anger Management Classes
  • Evangelical Worship Services
  • Community Work Projects
  • Making Peace with Your Past
  • Relapse Prevention

All programs are individually sected and styled to meet the needs of the client ex-offender in coordination with the Department of Parole and Probations. This Christian program is offered to Christians only or those inclined to willingly benefit from this faith-based ministry.

Various churches participate so we confine our theology to the fundamental and evangelical concepts that we all agree on so as not to divide the Body of Christ. Religious distinctive are best taught in the church that the residents choose to attend and we leave it at that. It isn’t what you know that gets you into glory, it’s who you know. We can always argue the differences after we have our lives right with Jesus. Don’t you agree?

All the Guest Homes are full brick buildings that are completely furnished. Each resident has a private bedroom, common living and dining room, kitchen and a single bath on each floor. Each home has a resident assistant that supervises the rules and home upkeep chores so that the house can become a home to those who had nowhere to turn. This gives the residents a sense of family and is a big improvement over “warehousing bodies” in a shelter.

Women's Guest Homes:

  • Wisconsin Street (two homes)

Men's Guest Homes:

  • Osage Street
  • Virginia Street
  • Louisiana Street

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