In the Fall of 1999, Mission Gate Ministry purchased 125 acres of beautiful rolling hills in Cuba MO for the purpose of developing and educational complex named “Mission Village.” It is our goal to provide residents regeneration, rehabilitation, and reintegration so that they may be productive members of their church and community for the glory and honor of our Lord.

Brief History: In the 1800′s the property was an Indian Reservation and was a popular place for community living, hunting and fishing. Until one day two hunters purchased 1000 acres of the land for their private hunting pursuits and named it Idlewild Lodge. Soon their wives joined them and they had to include indoor plumbing to suit their needs. Mid-1900′s changed the property hands over to a group that made it Broken Arrow Resort and it was successfully marketed as one of the finest resorts on the Meramec River. Well, the Lodge burned down and this group sold out to Ed Powers, a St. Louis businessman. He and his wife developed the land to provide themselves an estate to live at and accommodate their many guests. Ed died and his wife sold the remaining 125 acres of property to Mission Gate in the September of 1999. Since that time we have been in the continuing process of developing the land and improving the buildings and since that time we have increased the residency from10 men to 60 with additional bunkhouses and cabins.

We exist to bless the participating churches at no charge with:

  1. Youth Group weekend retreats and work projects.
  2. Church special services and baptisms.
  3. Ministerial Alliance meetings for member churches.
  4. Chamber of Commerce meetings for Cuba and Steelville MO.
  5. Weekend visits by the residents families.
  6. Short retreats for weary pastors and visiting missionaries.
  7. Quarterly open-house cookouts with fun, food, and fellowship.
  8. Praise concerts by various praise teams locally or in transit.
  9. Adult Bible study retreats and special events.
  10. Weddings, baptisms, funerals or anniversary get togethers
  11. Recovery support and access sites are welcome to come and visit.
We prayerfully request that you hold this local ministry up in prayer and if so led will include us in your mission giving on a regular basis, one time offering or end of year tax deductible contribution. We can only do what your generous donation will provide and we trust in you to support this work for the Lord as we continue to be a blessing to the local community and all the participating churches.
You can send your check to:
Mission Gate Prison Ministry
PO Box 6644
Chesterfield MO 63006
or go to "Pay Pal" on our Home Page!

Fort Good Shepherd is located in Cuba, Missouri, 4 miles south of Hwy 44 on Hwy 19

Call us to schedule your event: 636-391-8560

Grand Lodge: This is an excellent place to have Adult Meetings and planning sessions away from any disturbances with a fresh country breeze and a warm sun in the presence of the Lord. It was constructed by master craftsmen and its 3,000 sq. ft. has a living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 offices, great room, 1 guest bedroom, a meeting room, parlor and 2 full bathrooms complete with a sauna and sunken roman tub.            

Bunkhouse: A favorite for 8 men that includes sleeping accommodations with a private bathroom and shower, kitchen, and a country decorated grand room. It dates back to the early 1800′s and was brought to the ranch piece by numbered piece for reconstruction by expert craftsmen. It was completely refinished inside and out in the Summer of 2003. Countless numbers of ex-offenders have made it their home they lift up the Lord in their one year aftercare program with us.            

Horse Stables: This three story building was once located in Ladue MO and dates back to the early 1800′s and was transported to the ranch by numbered logs and reconstructed by expert craftsmen. Tennessee Walking Horses, Paint and Quarter Horses are all ridden in the equine therapy ministry. Experienced residents adopt a horse to care for and ride on our breathtaking trails.            

Caretaker Cabin: The “left overs” from the Grand Lodge were more than sufficient to construct a 3 bedroom log home that is occupied by staff and senior residents. Steve is our right hand man when we need peer-counseling and employment connections for our residents on a day-to-day basis.            

Resident Cabins: There are 30 resident cabins that are usually fully occupied by carefully selected Christian ex-offenders and former alcoholics and drug addicts that are in our nine to eighteen month aftercare program. They are supervised by our staff supervisor Rick Mathes who has 30 years of experience with the Missouri Department of Corrections that makes him ideally suited to meet the needs of our residents. Residents are assigned 2 hour weekly work projects for the property upkeep.            

Broken Arrow Bunkhouse: Located right on the Meramec River frontage, we accommodate 6 new residents as they wait their turn to have a private cabin. It is equipped with a bathroom, shower, kitchen and recreation area plus bunk beds to suit their needs. Great place to fellowship because the swimming, fishing and hiking trails are right at the front door.

Pavillion: We recently had constructed a 40 by 40 outdoor and covered pavilion for picnicking and to have praise teams plug in their instruments and bless the residents, guests and those floating by in their canoes, rafts, and floaters down the Meramec River with music that lifts up the name of Jesus.            

Trailblazer: This building has 10 individual units for residents that includes a galley kitchen, living area, full bathroom and private bedroom. This was a job training program project that was completed entirely by former inmates under the supervision of an experienced supervisor.            

Pathfinder: This building has 8 individual units for residents that includes a full kitchen, large living area, full bathroom and private bathroom.,            

Meramec River: Canoeing and fishing are real popular along our half mile of river frontage. Many go upstream and canoe one hour down stream to the Fort with a staff member or continue another 2 hours to Bird’s Nest Resort where we drive down and pick them up for their return to the ranch. A special time is when a local church has a baptism service at our 20 cross and then walk down into the river to baptize. Passing visiting canoers can be heard saying, “Praise the Lord” as they witness these special services and hear us singing praise songs as loud as we can. The canoers and floaters are a mission field all by themselves!            

Stillwaters Pond: The fishermen residents put the fish they don’t take home for dinner into our pond so that visitors may fish off of the dam and really enjoy a great catch. It’s been rumored that the fish actually jump on the shore in the joy of blessing God’s faithful. The pond is in the center of our future “Mission Village” project that we are currently planning and developing.            

Scary Cave: We recently discovered a scary cave that you can walk in. The first thing you will notice is the bones of many animals that were apparently dinner for some as yet unknown beast. The ceiling is smudged with soot from camp fires that some say were first used by the Indians when this ranch was an Indian reservation. One brave soul went quite a ways into the cave but lost his nerve when he heard weird animal sounds ahead of him.