Crystal’s House
Women’s Guest Home
St. Louis, Missouri

Crystal’s House, named after our late missionary working alongside us for 20 years, is a Christ-centered transitional after-care program to help residents transition back into society.

Upon arrival, residents share a room and common areas in the single family house. After a period of time, each will have the opportunity to graduate to an apartment shared with one other resident in our 4 family flat.

The home is overseen by an in-house resident supervisor, mentors and senior residents who assure essential needs are met and assist in spiritual guidance.

Professional caring staff and volunteers provide initial food, clothing, personal care items, identification, job location assistance and preparation, initial transportation to Probation & Parole, and other reasonable emergency needs.  We also provide referrals to community resources and local churches.

The Crystal’s House Guest House Program is an intensely personal effort of at least 6 months. Some residents choose to stay after the end of the 6 month program.  Hannah’s Ranch, still in the planning stage, will be the next step for women to be reunited with their children. 

Program goals and objectives are individualized according to each person’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs.


Classes Include the Following

• Parenting and Family Counseling

• Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring

• Women Focused Bible Study

• Christian 12 Step Program

• Substance Abuse Education

• Educational and Vocational Training

• Budgeting and Financial Training

• Personal Counseling

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