Step Through the  "Mission Gate"

Dear Fellow Christians,

Greetings in the Spirit of our Lord!

I invite you to look over our web site to see how lives have been turned from crime to Christ these last 30 years. And there are some excellent sermon and Bible study notes too!

Our ministry has been threefold:

  • Regeneration
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reintegration
 Our residential ministry includes 30 men and 12 women in our St. Louis outreach. This includes 3 guest homes for men. Crystal's House is for women and named in memorial of our long time staff member Crystal Goings who is now with the Lord. The four-flat in front of it also accommodates women.
We have been equally successful with our Fort Good Shepherd Ranch in Cuba MO which houses 60 men in comfortable cabins and bunkhouses. Our newest addition is Hannah's Ranch also in Cuba MO for single moms being reunited with their children. We are in the process of rehabbing the home now that will eventually be home to at least 12 women and a day-care for their children.

Monday night is a Celebrate Recovery class where we use the Good Book instead of the Big book to guide alcoholics and drug addicts through the proven Christian 12-steps to recovery.

Tuesday night residents are encouraged to spend time with their mentor that “has been there, done that.” Graduates are frequent volunteers to give back the sobriety they were so blessed with.

Wednesday night we encourage the residents to bless their church with attendance at their prayer meeting or to volunteer to do some work of service for their church. This is the center of their new life as a Bible believing Christian and asset to the community of believers.

Thursday night is when all the classes the Parole and Probation require, all in the Christian context where Jesus is absolutely Lord of the rest of their life. It's been a wonderful partnership with area agency in collaboration of mutual interests the clients best interests.

Monday night we have classes and a worship service in the St. Louis outreach meeting at Central Presbyterian Church in Clayton MO. Friday night is a all ex-offender worship service at the FGS Ranch and Hannah's Ranch.

Saturday is the day for one-on-one counseling with all residents in the city as well as those in the country. All our counselors are licensed or working on certification as well as pastors in the area who are eminently qualified.

Sunday is their day of worship at the evangelical church of their choice.

Upwards of 8 out of 10 released convicts return to crime within four years in the normal criminal justice system. Our nine month aftercare program has reversed this trend and over 8 out of 10 who complete our program, never return again. The state statistics have shown that of those who complete our program, 94% never return to prison. How does this happen? How can it happen in your community? How can you help? Step through the Mission Gate for an experience you won't soon forget.

Please continue to review this web site and then:

  1. Email me with any questions you might have.
  2. Sign up for our monthly email newsletter.
  3. Visit our guest homes in St. Louis or cabins in Cuba MO.
  4. Invite me to speak or preach at your church.
  5. Participate in our Christmas Angel Mission.
  6. Support us with prayer, volunteer time or donations.

We are a local ministry serving you in your community. Your financial support is a good investment in the Great Commission. We can only do what your check-book will allow so please consider us in your locan missions giving.

Thank you for this consideration and your timely reply.

Press On!

Rick Mathes


Mission Gate Prison Ministry was founded on April Fools Day in 1985. On that day, we became fools for the Lord to confound the wise by doing our best to reverse recidivism. And He did it through us. Conservatively nine out of ten that complete our program, never go back to prison. Our Lord has provided for us through our donors these 25 years and many local prison ministries throughout Missouri and southern Illinois have been inspired to succeed because of our example. We expect that souls will turn from crime to Christ once they have the opportunity to step out of their dispair into the glorious hope provided by Jesus through our proven ministry to alcoholics, drug addicts and ex-felons. All it takes is faith and a committment to step out of the boat with us. So we invite you to walk with us as partners in prayer, volunteer time or financial support so that we might continue to “turn lives from crime to Christ!”

Jesus said, “Whatever you do to these my brethren, even the least of them, you have done it to Me.”

Step through the Mission Gate for an experience you won’t soon forget!